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Kia Takes a Dip After Wild River Ride, Driver Emerges Safe

By Jacob Wolf | Caleb Wolf Photography

Kia took a dip in the Shelton Ditch
Kia took a dip in the Shelton Ditch

SALEM, Ore. -- A man took an unexpected aquatic adventure Monday evening when his Kia Soul embarked on a 2-to-3-mile journey down the Salem Ditch, eventually landing in a ditch near Lee Park.

The incident unfolded around 8:53 PM, with initial reports suggesting a car crash. Engine 6 and Medical 11 responded to the scene on Ford Street, near the intersection of Lee Street, 22nd Street, and Townsend Way.

A Kia took a dip in the ditch.
Kia took a dip in the ditch. (Jacob Wolf)

However, upon arrival, they discovered a far more unusual situation: the Kia submerged in the water, miles downstream. Technical rescue teams, including Boat 5 and urban search and rescue specialists, were immediately deployed.

Thankfully, the driver, who had managed to climb out of the Kia roughly a mile upstream, was located unharmed on the riverbank. Medics evaluated him for non-life-threatening injuries, and he was released later that night.

This incident required a coordinated technical rescue effort. Multiple units were involved, including Battalion Chief 4, Engine 10, Engine 6, Engine 4, Engine 5, Rescue 4, Ladder 1, Medical 11, and Medic 16.

The cause of the Kia's watery escapade is still under investigation by the Salem Police Department. Crews are waiting for daylight to safely remove the vehicle from the water.

SFD Moving Raft for Water Rescue
SFD Moving Raft for Water Rescue

Salem Fire Department crews working to remove the Kia Soul from the Salem Ditch

Authorities confirmed no one else was inside the car.

This incident highlights the importance of staying vigilant on the road, especially during challenging weather or unfamiliar conditions. While this case turned out well, it serves as a reminder that even minor mishaps can lead to unexpected situations.

Stay tuned for updates as the story continues.

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