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Forerunner Driver Learns the Hard Way: Power Lines Don't Bounce

By Jacob Wolf | Caleb Wolf Photography

Toyota forerunner under a electrical pole
Toyota forerunner under a electrical pole

SALEM, Ore. -- A white Toyota Forerunner traveling southbound on High Street in Salem, Oregon, collided with a telephone pole this morning, causing the pole to collapse and power lines to fall onto Miller and High Streets.

Authorities responded to the scene around 7:30 AM PST. According to initial reports, the Forerunner swerved to the right or left before striking the pole. Both the driver and any potential passengers sustained only minor injuries.

It has been confirmed that the Forerunner was traveling southbound during the crash.

Pacific Power & Gas (PGE) personnel worked on-site to restore power and remove the debris. Police have cordoned off both Miller and High Streets as a safety precaution.

Scene taped off by SPD
Scene taped off by SPD

The investigation into the accident has concluded, and authorities have confirmed that it was just an accident.

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