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Church Marches for Freedom and Liberty in Oregon

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The River Church NW has taken a bold stand in fighting for the freedom and liberties of Oregonians everywhere. They hosted a Freedom March Rally in Silverton, Ore., on Saturday, February 26, 2022, and are continuing their opposition to the current powers.


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The River Church NW Continues Their Oppositions to the current powers.

The River Church NW has taken a bold stance in fighting for the freedom and liberties of Oregonians. The Freedom March Rally was hosted in Silverton, Oregon, Saturday, February 26, 2022.

The church is fighting against censorship and far-left actors who seek to destroy and is standing up for civil rights regardless of race, religion, or public opinion. They are not giving up easily, and their call to action is to refuse to comply with any unconstitutional orders from the current administration and leadership of Oregon.

Pastor Lew has had personal experiences with Antifa, where he was attacked in Portland, and he did get a chance to sit down with one of the prominent spokespersons of their movement while getting to know who they are. He never blamed them for Oregon's problems and never held hate. He believes that change starts in the hearts of people, and if people only knew that the "leaders" they have now are weaker than the servants they control, they would see the need for change.

The church's Goal is not to find someone to hate but rather to find someone to love. They believe in loving one another and standing up for what is right. They are doing their best to make sure that future generations can live in a better world when they leave it behind.

People of all ages are fed up with what they see as injustice in Oregon. They are flocking to this and many similar churches for encouragement and to be around like-minded individuals.

The River Church NW has become a tight-knit community of people who know what they're fighting for and what they're against. They are dedicated to being brave and standing strong, despite the clear and vocal dismay towards their existence.

Rather than seeking to be the chosen hero, they are simply playing their roles to ensure that future generations can live in a better world with a bigger and better "Oaktree to sit under."

While losing friends or family is difficult for many, it is important to stand strong and honor those who have fallen in either the line of battle or in the fog of war. Pastor Lew encourages people to stand up and take back America so that the world can return to some sense of normalcy again.

Pastor Lew reminds us to seek love rather than hate. He says, "It got very quiet, and you know why? Because we got to find someone to hate. What if we find someone to love? I am not here to be your friend; I am here to tell you the truth. We need to start loving one another." These are powerful words to live by in a world where hate and division often seem to prevail very much often. By choosing love and compassion, we can not only work towards creating a better future for all. But a better future for future generations to live under.

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